Scentsy Recipes: Bring Back My Bar Summer 2013

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My favorite time of the year is finally here.  I love summer.  I love the hot air.  I love swimming.  I love the fruity drinks – lemonade is my favorite {non-alcoholic} drink!  and of course, every summer Scentsy has the Bring Back My Bar promotion.  I think this is the best Bring Back My Bar lineup we have had in the history of Bring Back My Bar!

I love trying new scents.  A lot of these, I’ve smelled.  Some, I haven’t.  Some are old favorites.

But you know me, I love trying new things, which is why I’m sharing these recipes with you today!  Combine your favorite current scents with these Bring Back My Bar scents for a whole new Scentsy experience.  

Whether it’s romance, clean or fruity you are going for, you will find the perfect combination here!

Bring Back My Bar scents can be purchased during the month of July only, so don’t wait until its too late.  For a complete list of the Bring Back My Bar scents, click here.

Recipes in this post are sorted by ingredients alphabetically by names of the Bring Back My Bar scents.


Scentsy Recipe - Love at First BloomScentsy Recipe - Camu Camu Over Here Scentsy Recipe - Flirty Girl Scentsy Recipe - Royal Wedding Scentsy Recipe - Secret Love Scentsy Recipe - Simply Flirtatious Scentsy Recipe - Bedtime Scentsy Recipe - A Love Jones

French Kiss

Scentsy Recipe - Summer Lovin Scentsy Recipe - Sweet Kiss Scentsy Recipe - Raspberry Vanilla Kiss Scentsy Recipe - Pool Boy Scentsy Recipe - Don't Come a Knockin' Scentsy Recipe - McDreamy Scentsy Recipe - Chocolate Kisses Scentsy Recipe - Cabana Boy

Grapefruit Pomegranate

Scentsy Recipe - Tropical Island

Green Tea Smoothie

Scentsy Recipe - Sweet Tea


Scentsy Recipe - McDreamy Scentsy Recipe - Havana Cabana Boy Scentsy Recipe - Cowboy Campfire Scentsy Recipe - Butterscotch


Scentsy Recipe - Aloha Scentsy Recipe - Secret Garden Scentsy Recipe - Hawaiian Plumeria Scentsy Recipe - Hawaii Scentsy Recipe - Gram's Parlor Scentsy Recipe - Girly Girl

Spring Clean

Scentsy Recipe - Spring Fresh Scentsy Recipe - Spring Fling Scentsy Recipe - Spring Delight


Enjoy! {and don’t forget to share the awesomeness with your friends!}


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